Mission Statement / Strategy

Strategy 2015

Our mission statement, strategy and values ensure that all staff members at the State Audit Office can effectively and efficiently deliver our constitutional mandate and meet the daily challenges following a common strategic direction. The strategy describes how the mission statement is implemented in the delivery of tasks and which benchmarks are used to measure its implementation (output and outcome parameters and indicators). This strategy applies to all areas of performance and outcome at the State Audit Office and was adopted in April 2015 also by all staff members.

Mission Statemant, Strategy and Value

Strategy 2011

Our current mission statement was drafted by a project group in which all State Audit Office staff participated. The mission statement describes how we at the State Audit Office perceive our own role. It was adopted at a closed meeting on 29 November 2011. An implementing strategy with output and outcome parameters was developed for every key statement.

Mission Statement 2011

Strategy 1998

The State Audit Office’s first mission statement essentially dates from 1998. With the re-positioning of the State Audit Office that was initiated as of 1 July 2010, the successful approach of the past was continued and the mission statement and strategy were updated.