Quality Management

The Court of Audit follows international quality standards and operates with a professional quality management. Therefore, we have our own quality management manual since 2007 and regularly conduct client surveys with the members of the State parliament of Lower Austria.
Since 2015 we are successfully using the European quality management system for the public sector, named Common Assessment Framework or CAF. The CAF is based on the Excellence Modell of the European Foundation for Quality Management and provides a certification by the respective CAF center of the member states. This award as "Effective CAF User" indicates that the organization achieves excellent results when the management develops appropriate strategies and partnerships, uses human and material resources efficiently and ensures optimal processes. The prerequisites for the certification are regular anonymous client surveys, internal and external quality assessments of management, organization, processes, services and effects with corresponding results. Therefore, measures are developed and implemented. Furthermore, the organization is audited by experts from the KDZ - Centre for Public Administration Research as the CAF center of Austria.
The purpose is to enhance the entire organization by innovations and improvements to give the auditees and the members of the State parliament of Lower Austria the best possible support by information and recommendations. The population also benefits from better or more services for example in the audited cultural sector, hospitals, nursing and care facilities, kindergartens, schools or administrations of the state of Lower Austria. The Court of Audit of Lower Austria was awarded with the CAF quality certificate in November 2015 (awarding of the certificate on March 10, 2016) and was recertified in January 2020 (handover of the certificate on September 4, 2020 due to the corona crises). In both processes we worked together with the Court of Audit of Styria, which is also labeled with the CAF quality certificate.

Survey of audit clients 2010

Survey of members of parliament 2015

Survey of audit clients 2015